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  • Jo


  • Jared Nord

    Jared Nord

  • Davis scott

    Davis scott

    I work in a Binary trading📊📈📉 company as an Expert in trading . We help people who seek value for their money invest in Bitcoin and make profits.

  • نوال البجيدي

    نوال البجيدي

  • R. Martin

    R. Martin

  • Christopher R. Roebuck

    Christopher R. Roebuck

    dad, techie, thinker, romantic, nomad, tinkerer, organic farmer, freelance technical telecommuter, laborer, dedicated to a life of service .. totally in love

  • Alex Andra

    Alex Andra

    I write about: Birth, Birth Trauma & Breastfeeding | Domestic Violence | Health & Fitness | Life | Mental Health | Motherhood | Love, Relationships & Sex

  • Megan Brown

    Megan Brown

    Professional weirdo. Late bloomer. “Gifted” burnout.

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